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Designer Playlist: Fischer Clothing Designer Digs Shark Week and Wanda Jackson

[THREAD] Designer Playlist: Fischer Clothing Designer Digs Shark Week and Wanda Jackson




    We can't always wear her gorgeously-crafted creations for Fischer Clothing, but nobody can stop us from jamming to designer Kristina Angelozzi's fall playlist—which includes catchy tunes from Fletcher C Johnson and covers by the Shins—nonstop this season.

    1. Fletcher C Johnson, "Messin' Up My Mind" - "Catchy as hell song from a Brooklyn friend's weird and wonderful garage rock-y band."

    2.The Shins, "Goodbye Girl" - "The Shins covering a classic Squeeze hit—genius!"

    3. Foxygen, "If You Want Me To Stay" - "I've been forcing myself to get into new bands lately, cause I just play the same old stuff overandoverandover. Fortunately, I'm finding plenty of fresh blood like Foxygen, that sound like '60s garage—yes, very Stones-y—but then mix it up a little and make it modern-like and cool."

    4. Wanda Jackson, "Funnel of Love"
    - "Rock & Roll's first lady, Wanda Jackson, with the most perfectly raspy voice makes even a sweet song sound sexy."

    5. The Orwells, "Mall Rats"
    - "These kids are 17! And totally killing it."

    6. The Buzzcocks, "I Can't Control Myself"  - "Another classic cover—originally written by the Troggs—the Buzzcocks have been performing for decades. It never gets old."

    7. Shark Week, "Waitin 4 U" - "DC kids clever take on old school bluesy rock- it's so good and real I could almost believe it's from the late '70s."

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