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Webb-slinger On Board to Direct Polygamist Oil Baron TV Pilot




    Marc Webb has catapulted in one year from music videos to award winning director of features to helmsman for one of the biggest super-hero franchises around. Now he's adding a TV pilot to his CV.

    "Midland," written by Kyle Killen, is the story of a polygamist in the oil industry who is leading two lives. Webb will direct the first episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter, for 20th Century Television. The deal comes just a week after he was chosen to direct the "Spider-Man" reboot.

    Is "Dallas" meets "Big Love" a winning recipe? Who knows? But Killen is the brain behind "The Beaver," which will star Mel Gibson as a man who owns a struggling toy company and deals with the stress in his life by letting a beaver hand puppet communicate for him in a crisp English accent. Jodie Foster directed the film, which is in post-production

    So it should either be good fun or an epic flame-out.