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Snow Stops Falling, But Cold Hangs Around

Morning snow fall ahead of arctic blast



    Snow Stops Falling, But Cold Hangs Around
    The snow may have stopped, but it's not yet time to unbundle.

    The snow once again was a disappointment, depending on your perspective, but one thing that is definitely disappointing is the bone-chilling cold.

    As we approached midday, the snow seemed to be done falling, and the high temperature was around 18 degrees. But the wind chill made things feel more like 6 degrees. That's like Minnesota cold.

    So keep the hats and gloves and scarves handy; you'll be needing them a lot in the coming days.

    The threat of snow doesn't return until Sunday, but cold weather lingers. Friday and Saturday will see the mercury get to only 21 degrees, after overnight lows of single-digit temps.

    The Big Chill

    [NY] The Big Chill
    Bundle up because it's going to be brutal if you're waiting outside for a bus or a train -- and if you drive to work, you may also run into trouble.
    (Published Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009)

  • Need some ideas on how to beat the winter chill?

    Code Blue Declared

    New York City's Department of Homeless Services will use its Cold Weather Emergency Procedure, called Code Blue. In a Level 2 Code Blue:

    + Outreach teams check on vulnerable clients every two hours, or four times per shift

    + Outreach doubles its coverage on overnight shifts

    + Two vans supplement outreach efforts by helping to respond to 311 calls

    + All adult services facilities are open to clients for walk in warming services

    + All components of a Code Blue Level 1 are in effect

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