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Stuff Your Stocking With Lady Gaga’s Hair

What? Of course she’s shipping locks of her own hair with her new album.



    Stuff Your Stocking With Lady Gaga’s Hair
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    The Super Deluxe 'The Fame Monster' Pack ships with a lock of Lady Gaga's hair.

    Dear Santa,

    I’ve been really really good this year, and so I would like you to bring me Lady Gaga’s new album “The Fame Monster”, which comes out on Monday. But I don’t just want the CD. I want the Super Deluxe "The Fame Monster" Pack, which may seem like a lot at $115, but is totally worth it on account of it including following items:

    • The definitive "Book of Gaga.” A highly stylized collector's edition art table book housed in a custom slipcase documenting Gaga's journey into pop superstardom
    • A lock of Lady Gaga's hair
    • Collectible puzzle
    • Pictorials
    • A behind the scenes look at her creative process
    • Pull-out posters
    • Themed fanzines
    • A paper doll collection
    • 3 D glasses to view forthcoming Gaga visuals
    • Personal notes from the artist
    • Each book individually numbered

    Thank you Santa. You can order it here. Hope you enjoy the milk and cookies.

    Your friend,