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Holiday Shoppers, Browse 135 Last-Minute Gifts



    Holiday Shoppers, Browse 135 Last-Minute Gifts
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    A shopper gets a head start on holiday gift giving.

    Santa Claus takes off from the North Pole in just three weeks, which means you have only 21 days to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your nice list. And as much as we love the idea of "'tis better to give than receive," the whole ordeal can become really daunting and overwhelming. But stick with us and your season will indeed be merry. Two weeks ago we brought you 500 gifts for our annual holiday gift guide, and this week, we added 135 more last-minute gifts — from toys to accessories to clothes — that are surefire scores. Plus, our bargain radar is in high gear: 113 gifts are under $100, and 79 are under $50. Check out our top six picks after the jump.

    Camera Belt
    Price: $85
    Why we like it: Made of ivory glass and featuring an old Kodak lens, this buckle has a vintage feel for a great alternative to status-quo leather.

    Wool-Blend Lumberjack Cap
    Price: $36
    Why we like it: While the standard lumberjack look is red, this blue is a new take on the plaid trend.

    Lilka Well Tended Chemise
    Price: $58
    Why we like it: The bright floral chemise injects some spring cheer into winter doldrums.

    Oeuf Squeeze Me Mittens
    Price: $60
    Why we like it: Get this for any new mom — the white mittens sewn into the palms are for a little one to keep their hands warm while holding your hands. Aw.

    Made Her Think Mirage Rings
    Price: $115
    Why we like it: Statement jewelry is a huge trend this year, and this affordable cocktail ring utilizes a subtle sparkle as opposed to large gems.

    Graphic-Print Overnight Suitcase
    Price: $95
    Why we like it: Bid farewell to your dull duffel bag, boys.

    Shop-A-Matic: 135 Last-Minute Gifts

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