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Cold. Raining. What the Heck Are You Gonna Wear?



    Cold. Raining. What the Heck Are You Gonna Wear?
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    Ah, the "tweener" seasons in New York, when it's not quite cold enough that you're heading up to Vermont to ski, nor is it quite warm enough that you can get away with that chunky knit-and-cropped jacket combo you'd been perfecting all fall. Oh, and did we mention the not-quite-rain-not-quite-snow precipitation? Sleet-like, but also vaguely slush? Yeah. That's nice.

    Fortunately, several amazing sites have highlighted some frisky winter items to help you survive the coldest months of the year. Over at Refinery29, Marjon Carlos has pulled together some funky new takes on the conventional puffer jacket, from Saks Fifth Avenue uptown to Oak downtown. Cream-colored puffer vest? Check. Dramatic hood? Check. Our favorite addition to the shape might be a super-cinching belt—somehow it makes the jacket more like a slim-fitting, curvaceous statement than the Michelin Man. Applause all around.

    Across the web universe, Nylon's rounded up some amazing snow-meets-slush boots. One one end of the spectrum, you'll find the traditional two-tone L.L. Bean rain boot, whilst on the other, you've got this slightly-ostentatious-yet-somehow-irresistible furry snow boot from Pucci.