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Tequila & Chicken-Fried Steak

What to eat at Marfa



    Tequila & Chicken-Fried Steak
    Chicken-fried steak isn't too heart healthy, but it's mmm ... mmm ... good.

    Texas-themed newcomer Marfa opened this week, and free tequila shots (plus a $6 PBR-plus-whiskey-shot special) meant the place was packed with young'uns.

    As you can see from the following interior shot, the adobe walls are bare except for a few paintings of animal horns. The space, in contrast to its former occupant, Waikiki Wally's, is as spare as an air-raid bunker. When the honky-tonk music is blaring, the acoustics are a bit of a nightmare unless you're at the communal table in the narrow, candlelit side room (there are also bands downstairs). The house drink is the Marfarita, essentially a spicy grapefruit marg. Beer of choice: Lone Star. Here now is the menu.

    El Cheapo Small Bites - $4
    (Any four - $12, any six - $18, any eight - $23)
    Dry rub baby back ribs
    Chipotle chicken wings
    Mini corn dogs
    Barbecued shrimp
    Fish taco
    Nogales steak taco
    Macaroni and cheese spoons
    Mini pulled pork tostada
    Truck-stop sundae taste
    Marfa red chili taste
    Vegetarian chili taste
    Guacamole taste
    Pickled vegetables

    Marfa Bites
    Chicken pot pie - $6
    Vegetable pot pie - $6
    Marfa truck-stop sundae - $6
    Dry rub baby back ribs - $9
    Mini corn dogs - $6
    Nogales steak tacos - $7
    Chipotle chicken wings - $6
    Macaroni and cheese spoons - $6
    Spicy “shells on” barbecue shrimp - $9
    Fish tacos with avocados and white slaw
    Pulled pork and guacamole tostadas - $7
    Marfa red chile con carne - $7
    Vegetarian chile - $6
    Guacamole and chips - $7
    House salad with shallot vinaigrette - $6
    House salad with bacon with buttermilk dressing - $7
    Avocado and mango salad with tomatillo dressing - $7

    Big Bend Bites
    Dry rub baby back ribs with baked beans and slaw - $17
    Fried chicken with mashed potatoes and slaw - $16
    Chicken pot pie with house salad - $15
    Vegetable pot pie with house salad - $14
    Fried catfish with mashed potatoes and slaw - $15
    Salmon cakes over greens - $15
    Marfa red chile con carne with rice and slaw - $16
    Vegetarian chili with rice and slaw - $14
    Nogales steak tacos with rice and beans
    Chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and slaw - $16
    Carne asada with guacamole, pico de gallo, tortillas, rice and refried beans - $21

    Baskets - $3
    (both served with chipotle butter)

    Marfa, 101 E 2nd St, nr. First Ave; 212-673-8908

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