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Alleged Dirty Massage Parlor Gets Outed by Inlaws

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    Alleged Dirty Massage Parlor Gets Outed by Inlaws
    Now THIS massage should be illegal!

    A film blogger tracked down the exact location of the filmmaker John Hughes' place of death, and left a picture and sixteen burning candles at 60 West 55th Street. [Movieline]

    Vigilante justice reared its head last night in Harlem, when four crooks tried to rob a Harlem shop, but faced a shopkeep with a shotgun. Two died. [Runnin' Scared]

    Your iPhone might explode. A French teenager was hurt after his iPhone made a hissing noise and exploded, sending debris ten feet into the air. [The Register]

    Greenpoint residents might finally get some waterfront access after private interests fenced up the streets to keep out trespassers in the 80's. [Gothamist]

    An alleged dirty massage parlor gets exposed in Brooklyn after one blogger's inlaws were offered a little tug-tug after a little rub-rub. A tipster wrote in to Curbed with the play-by-play, but it's the commenter's defense of the joint that really cracks things up. [Curbed]

    The Coney Island History Project is offering a first-ever walking tour of Coney Island. [OTBKB]

    Harlem gets its first Zagat Guide, thanks to Korean hostage-saver and former El Presidente Bill Clinton. [Uptown Flavor]

    Mayor Cory Booker (of Newark) went for a little bike ride with Newark's Brick City Bike Collective, meaning he's bike friendly too! [Streetsblog]

    Doo your doo diligence and learn about poo, thanks to City Room's Q&A with a human waste specialist. [City Room]