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Roast Beef Sushi For Sale at Dumbo Store



    Under the Tucson Sun
    Heeb Magazine
    A $5.25 bad idea.

    A blogger at the Dumbo-based Heeb Magazinefound a $5.25 bad idea, what looks like Roast Beef Sushi, at a grocery store down the street from their office.

    We all knew things were getting bad around this fine city, but when you have grocers swapping out the fish in sushi for roast beef, it's time we take a stand. Take it from a lover of fine foods, this is one slippery slope we don't want to go down. One can only imagine fine meals like spam confit and chicken stuffed oyster shells just around the corner.

    DumboNYC agrees, writing on their blog, "I’m all for Asian fusion food once in a while, but some things just don’t go together." Please, Asian-fusion chefs of Dumbo, hold the roast beef.