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First Look at Anella, Now Open in Greenpoint



    First Look at Anella, Now Open in Greenpoint
    Looks a wee bit rustic.

    Anella now occupies the space that was vacated by Queen’s Hideaway last fall. Per this week’s Openings: “If chef Michael Sullivan’s menu is less brazenly quirky than his predecessor’s, it’s no less appealing. To wit: various terrines, mozzarella in carrozza, bacon-and-pepperoni pizza, wild salmon, shell steak with marrow gremolata, and Stumptown-coffee frozen tiramisu.” The rest of the former Chanterelle toque’s offerings are below.

    Bruschetta of the day - $6
    Piccolo fritto misto with lemon aioli - $10
    Carpaccio of the day - $9
    Caprese salad - $8
    Chicken liver crostini with Anella bacon - $7
    Mozzarella cooked with garlic, white wine and herbs - $12
    Terrine of the day served with fruity mustard - $8

    New York State farm greens with lemon and olive oil - $6
    Roasted marinated beets with sherry wine vinegar, olive oil, and shallots - $7
    Arugula with peas & Bayley Hazen blue cheese, dressed with balsamic honey & olive - $8
    Fennel & grapefruit over greens, dressed with olive oil & grapefruit syrup - $9
    Genova tuna and white beans over mixed greens, dressed with red wine vinegar & olive oil - $10

    Margherita pie (tomato sauce, housemade mozzarella & basil) - $10
    Anella pie (bacon & pepperoni tomato sauce, housemade mozzarella & Asiago cheese) $14
    Truffled cheese & onion pie (slow cooked Spanish onions, fresh thyme, topped with cheese and drizzled with olive oil) - $15
    Three cheese & herb pie (housemade mozzarella, ricotta & fontina, drizzled with olive oil and topped with herbs from the garden) - $12
    White pie with clams (homemade mozzarella & Asiago cheese topped with diced littleneck clams and cooked in white wine & herbs) - $14

    Bucatini with oven dried tomatoes & herbs - $14
    Orecchiette with roasted cauliflower, garlic & red pepper flakes - $14
    Spinach pappardelle with amatriciana sauce - $15
    Five-cheese ravioli with light tomato cream - $14
    Linguine with white or red cockle sauce - $16

    Pan-seared wild salmon with roasted pepper relish - $14
    Monkfish osso buco in a white wine, tomato, preserved lemon & thyme sauce - $15
    Oven-roasted halibut with salsa verde - $16

    Shell steak with marrow & gremolata - $21
    Pork loin wrapped in Anella bacon with fruit mustard - $16
    Roasted half-chicken with garden herbs & succo - $14

    Assorted brick oven roasted vegetables tossed in olive oil, garlic & herbs - $5
    Sauteed greens, cooked with garlic & olive oil - $3
    Olive oil mashed potatoes - $5
    Special of the day - $5

    Chef’s selection of Saxelby cheeses served with walnut bread & honey - $15

    Anella, 222 Franklin St., nr. Green St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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