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Economy Takes Bite Out of H&H Bagels



    Economy Takes Bite Out of H&H Bagels
    Here is our salute to the 15 most popular stories on in 2010. But first two great stories that didn't make the cut: Honorable Mention. Bagels With a Slice of Tax. Have you noticed bagel shops tacking on a few more cents to your beloved pumpernickel and cream cheese? Blame Albany. This story cut the cream cheese-laden joy out of many New Yorkers' hearts.

    A company behind one of the city's most beloved bagel makers says it is bankrupt.

    H&H Bagels founder Helmer Toro sought Chapter 11 protection this week for one of the entities that make up the business.

    In court papers, he blames the economy and a rent dispute for the problems of the company, Garden Operation Realty.

    The court filing listed $5.1 million in debt. The company said it believed it could recover.

    The bankruptcy filing will put a hold on a separate legal action that might have led to H&H getting locked out of a bakery in Secaucus, N.J.

    The H&H shop on Manhattan's Upper West Side remains open, as does a shop on West 46th Street.