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PETA Really Pushing Whole I'd Rather Go Naked Thing



    Under the Tucson Sun
    Andrea Blanch
    Please sign their petition for whatever it is they are trying to prevent happening to poor, defenseless bunny rabbits.

    PETA's long running I'd Rather Go Naked campaign might have just gone a step over the line of what makes sense by employing ... strippers. Huh? The whole point of I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear fur is that the folks in the ads, like Eva Mendes or Alicia Silverstone are not ordinarily naked.

    Now that the girls of Rick's Cabaret, a "gentleman's club" here in NYC, have signed on, the rules are really out the window. PETA has taken the opportunity to play to the crumbling economy though (as if trading Eva Mendes for strippers wasn't downsizing enough) and points out that Rick's Cabaret is "the only strip joint on the NASDAQ."

    But then they say something about rabbits being tortured in Chile and France, and ask you to sign a petition so the girls can stay topless and roll around in a bed covered with live rabbits where unspeakable acts will be committed for your pleasure — if you sign the petition. Or something like that.