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Ed Hardy Wants Your Hands Clean

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    Ed Hardy Wants Your Hands Clean

    Nine Inch Nails completed their four night run in New York City with a special appearance from goth king Peter Murphy, who descended from the ceiling upside down on a chain. You know -- like a bat. Check out the photos. [Brooklyn Vegan]

    “They finally made a product to use for when you accidentally touch an Ed Hardy Shirt.” Get your own Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer. [Guest of a Guest]

    Twitter's popularity isn't due to constant status updates of teens and tweens. Nope, it's almost all because of adults with too many gadgets and too much time on their hands -- presumably. Social networking by people aged 35 to 54 grew 60 percent in the last year. [NYT]

    There's a new blogger in town with an insatiable appetite for pizza. He has declared his mission is to "eat a slice of pizza at every pizzeria in New York City." We're jealous. [Gothamist]

    There's been a spate of advertisers jumping off the Beck bandwagon.  Buzzfeed has the top 10 reasons not to advertise with FOX's golden boy. [buzzfeed]

    The Village Voice has a round up of the top 10 South Asian restaurants in the city. From punjabi hole-in-the-walls to English tea-time sandwiches, you're covered. [Village Voice]