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Hot Ticket: Florence & the Machine @ Term 5

Tickets to see this Brit wunderkind’s only NYC show drop tomorrow



    Hot Ticket: Florence & the Machine @ Term 5
    Florence Welch brings her Machine to Terminal 5.

    So we told you about Florence & the Machine’s Bowery Ballroom CMJ date back in October, and you ignored it. And then you kicked yourself. Right? 

    Tickets for an April 9 show at Terminal 5 are on AmEx presale now, but open to the general public tomorrow, Jan. 29, at noon. This is the only NYC date, so get on it. 

    Florence & the Machine’s album “Lungs” is at the top of UK charts now, Brooklyn Vegasn reminds us, having kicked "The Essential Michael Jackson" out of the top spot. No mean feat (though admittedly, MJ had been at No. 1 for a while). 

    As a reminder, here’s our original frothing:

    Who: Singer-songwriter Florence Welch, who makes music—sweeping, soaring, catchy-as-crabs music—with various backing musicians and collaborators under the name Florence & the Machine. Up until last week, you could be forgiven for not knowing her name, but her album “Lungs” has now officially landed on these shores, and you must. Get. It. We dare you to listen to “The Dog Days Are Over” once and resist the urge to listen to it three or six more times in a row.

    What she sounds like: There have been comparisons to Kate Bush and Bjork, but we’d also throw in Imogen Heap and maybe early Goldfrapp, if only for “Lungs”’ what-will-she-do-next gothic circus of sounds. Also? Lots of harp.

    Where she hails from:London

    Spin this: “The Dog Days Are Over”, “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”, “Kiss With a Fist”. Also, check out her cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo,” performed live for the BBC’s Live Lounge.