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2/17: Julie Klausner, El Perro del Mar…

…and Robert Kenner screens his film “Food, Inc.” in person at the IFC



    2/17: Julie Klausner, El Perro del Mar…
    UCB Theatre
    Author Julie Klausner comes to WFMU's "Seven-Second Delay" variety hour -- sans cat.

    MULTI TALENTS: WFMU's “Seven-Second Delay” live broadcast comedy/variety hour at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre welcomes guests like the excellent Main Squeeze all-female accordion orchestra and author Julie Klausner, whose crazy-romance memoir "I Don't Care About Your Band" just came out, and who, p.s., decodes our obsession with Anthony Bourdain here, ICYMI. 6PM. 

    SEA CHANGE: Swedish singer-songwriter Sarah Assbring, a.k.a. El Perro del Mar, closes out a two-night run at the Knitting Factory tonight. You have no excuse to not own her fall ’09 album “Love Is Not Pop” -- her melancholic, lo-fi material sounds like what you might get if you asked Lesley “It’s My Party” Gore to pen a funeral dirge. Needless to say, we heart her. 8PM. 

    UNHAPPY MEAL: Do yourself a favor: If you’ve yet to watch director Robert Kenner’s documentary “Food, Inc.,” get yourself to the IFC Center tonight. His treatise on the epic problems plaguing how food gets from farm to plate in America may be preaching to the locavore choir, but the rest can’t help but have their eyes opened and minds changed by the film (and in a way that goes well past the “vegan-or-not” debate). Kenner will be on hand to answer questions. 8PM. 

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