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Facebook Now a Homewrecker?



    Facebook Now a Homewrecker?
    Just when we thought couples were running out of things to fight about.

    Love is all around -- but in the case of Facebook, that may be a problem, reports Oklahoma City's Eyewitness News.

    Tara Fritsch, a licensed marriage and family therapist, says that up to 40 percent of couples she sees are there because of an online relationship that may have turned not-so-innocent, especially when it's between former partners. "An ex-love, an old flame -- there's a nostalgia there. There's memory of the simple days or maybe excitement of new romance," Fritsch said.

    We try to stay far, far away from the Facebook pictures of our exes doing kegstands. (Um, that was just a hypothetical... yeah, a hypothetical. That's it.)

    But -- as we can always tell by the first episode of The Biggest Loser every season -- some people just can't help themselves, whether it's 47 cheeseburgers or online flirting. "When things start being said that you don't want your spouse to see, things that you might hide, things that you might not be comfortable saying in person or having your spouse hear, then it's taken that step across a boundary," she said.

    Fritsch then offered some advice that's basically unfeasible for normal people: share one Facebook account between you (how much would your friends hate you?) or know each other's passwords. Because nothing says trust like stalking your spouse online.