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Brooklyn Museum Getting Taped Up



    Brooklyn Museum Getting Taped Up
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    NEW YORK - APRIL 16: Visitors tour the new front glass entrance and pavilion of the Brooklyn Museum of Art following the ribbon cutting ceremony April 16, 2004 in New York City. The two year, $63 million project will be open to the public Saturday. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

    The Brooklyn Paper got the inside scoop on an upcoming gallery exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum made entirely of black masking tape.

    Artist Sun Kwak plans to use over three miles of the sticky stuff to create her art, which is initially designed through the use of computers and simple drawings. The mural will be called "Enfolding 280 Hours," and will go through a two-week creation phase that museum visitors can stop by and witness in action.

    Judy Kim, a Brooklyn Museum curator, told the Paper, “It will give museum visitors an experience they’ve never had before — they can walk through and see what a transformative power an everyday material like masking tape can have on the space.”

    You can catch the final piece March 27th through July 5th at the Brooklyn Museum. To see Sun Kwak's other work, visit Ch’i Contemporary gallery in Williamsburg.