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"Biggest Celebrity Weight Gainers?" Really?

Diet company plugs their product by calling out the stars who gained the most weight in 2008. Depressed yet?



    "Biggest Celebrity Weight Gainers?" Really?
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    Would you call this woman fat?

    We like clicking on those "stars without makeup" galleries as much as the next bored browser, but a post over on Jezebel that flags a press release touting "Biggest Celebrity Weight Gainers Announced" is low, even for us.

    The blog posts in full a press release from a rep for the Zone Delivery Diet where, apparently, they've decided that the most genius way to shame you into losing weight (and thus signing up for their service) is to call out the celebrities who've packed on pounds in the last 12 months. And they even included pictures, so you can get a good eyeful of the purported fatties. Setting aside the fact that this is just another example of the tiring trend of companies staging some sort of tenuous, straw-clutching celebrity press stunt (like real estate site Zillow.com, with their recent poll about the best and worst celebrity neighbors), we have to wonder, how bad is business when you have to resort to "fat-shaming" people like poor Mariah Carey and Jennifer Love Hewitt?

    We wonder what the Zone folks would have to say about a man who just learned he's too fat to adopt a child? Or this poor dog that has to be fitted with a harness because it's 60 lbs. overweight and will literally crush its own feet? Meanwhile, in other incomprehensible fat news, Blake Lively's Gossip Girl wardrobe minions have to slice the tags out of her clothes lest she discover she's wearing anything above a size zero.