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Another Blonde Socialite Stands Accused



    Another Blonde Socialite Stands Accused

    Is there something in the Sofia? All month long, New York's socialites have been acting out. There was the Wise-cracking scandal and Serena Boardman and Jamie Tisch's tangle over Todd Meister, and now Cityfile reports that one Jules Kirby, whom they describe as a "Champagne-swilling party girl," was arrested and charged with petit larceny in Southampton over the July Fourth weekend:

    According to reports, police observed Kirby rip down a large Betsy Ross American flag off the porch of the 1708 House on Main Street. In addition, she was charged with consuming an alcoholic beverage in public. She was held for morning arraignment.

    Now, we don't know this Jules Kirby, but because she sounds fun, let's posit that maybe, just maybe, she was not desecrating the American flag here. What if, in her Champagne-addled state, she confused the Betsy Ross flag for the Confederate flag — since, after all, they both have thirteen stars — and therefore by tearing it down was actually making an important statement about racism in America and particularly in Southampton? We choose to believe.

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