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10 Jobs Way Worse Than Yours

Sperm tester? Battery breaker? We didn't even know those were jobs



    10 Jobs Way Worse Than Yours
    Being a sperm sample technician is a lot harder than you think.

    Dan Kiernan polled 100 people about the worst jobs they've held for his book Crap Jobs. At AskMen, he runs down the "10 most soul-crushingly terrible jobs" on the planet.

    While we're skeptical about some (modeling is awful? Really? We bet the guy who cleans gobs of chicken fat out of giant machines at the KFC plant would probably dispute that), others do sound pretty uncivilized. One man made $2.25 an hour breaking open batteries to remove their lead core, and was routinely covered with burns. Another respondent has to hold her breath while she handles more than 400 sperm samples a day in a laboratory. And then there's the "pig wanker." You'll have to go read about that one yourself.

    There, see? You no longer hate your job! You kind of love it, actually. Go give your boss a hug. You're welcome.