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Did You Call In Gay Today?

Online movement keeps some at home



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    Wednesday is Call In Gay Day around the country.

    If you called in "sick" today, expect some curious looks when you return to work Thursday.

    Not that there's anything wrong with being sick -- or gay, of course -- but an online movement this week pushed for a "Call In Gay Day" at the workplace Wednesday.

    So if you took Hump Day off, or even if you didn't but found the experiment interesting, here's what some were saying about it on the microblogging site Twitter today:

    joannariedl: "I also wanted to call in gay today but its the holiday lunch...we are having a half day, hmmm can I call in bi?"

    billbert: " ... tempted to go shopping, do a good deed, do some citizen journaling, and call in gay."

    dfugate: "can't call in gay today because it's the holiday party. Maybe I'll draw a rainbow flag by the wreath & dreidel decorations.."

    EmaCartoon: "I couldn't call in Gay today, so I wrote my congressmen instead."

    robertpalmer: "I'm supposed to call in gay today. Well, guess what: I'm not. I'm calling in fabulous."

    djcoffman: "Damn. I didn't know I can call in GAY today! I'm going to tell my wife to do this as well, then we'll go Xmas shopping."

    davidgs: "Too much to do to call in gay today. Will have to call in curious instead."