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Officer Investigated for Ignoring Racist Slur Directed at Him



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    An officer is being investigated for failing to properly report racial slurs that were made to him.

    A Canadian police officer is reportedly being investigated for not properly reporting racial slurs hurled against him while breaking up a party in May 2011.

    York Regional Police Officer Damien Muirhead, who is black, was allegedly subjected to racial slurs and told, "I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree,” but chose to not reply or take further action, according to The Toronto Star.

    The 33-year-old, eight-year veteran officer faces additional charges of misconduct, insubordination and discreditable conduct after one of the partygoers, Rheal Duguay, 41, filed a complaint against Muirhead’s handling of the party.

    Duguay claims the officer treated him rudely, allegedly ignored his protests, and failed to pick up Duguay’s $400 leather jacket after it fell from his motorcycle during plate checks, the Star reported.

    “He just ignored me,” Duguay testified during the police disciplinary hearing Tuesday. “It’s not a professional manner. . . I pay taxes. I deserve to be treated like a human.”

    Prosecutor Jason Fraser said Muirhead does not face dismissal or demotion from the York Regional Police Force. The hearing continues Wednesday before York Regional Police.

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