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This Year's Olympic Gold Medal Is Worth $820 (Plus Whatever You Spent to Get There)

The gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics has 556 grams of gold and silver

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What's an Olympic gold medal worth? It's priceless, of course, but it also happens to be worth $820 at current metal prices.

According to CNBC's markets team, the 6 grams of gold and 550 grams of silver in the Tokyo Olympics' first-place medal are worth $353 and $466, respectively.

That $265 more than the 2018 medal was worth at the time of the PyeongChang Opening Ceremony -- even though this year's medal has about 30 grams less silver.

Blame inflation -- precious metals are worth much more today than they were three years ago.

The IOC has released guidance on how they will handle awarding medals at the Tokyo Olympics.
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