Local Director Debuts “Big Fan” at Sundance

Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrigan star as rabid Giants fans

One of the dozens of movies debuting at this year's Sundance Film Festival is "Big Fan," a made-in-New-York indie picture.

First-time director and Long Island native Robert Siegel tapped funnyman Patton Oswalt and indie veteran Kevin Corrigan as his lead actors, a pair of New York Giants die-hards who eat, sleep and drink football.

"Big Fan" examines the fine line between loyal devotion and unhealthy obsession, and although neither Oswalt nor Corrigan is a big sports fan, each was each able to relate to his character.

"One thing we were talking about with Robert was that everyone is obsessed with something," Oswalt said.

Siegel said when he was a kid, he'd slip under the covers at night and listen to sports talk radio, hearing from crazed fans with their ridiculous rants.

Whether the Academy comes calling, Siegel said making movies with a New York state of mind is what he strives for.

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