NBA Essentials: Max Birthday Cake

NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. Los Angeles Times. Andrew Bynum might not be able to resolve his contract situation, but he knows his 21st birthday party will be dope.

2. Houston Chronicle. Ron Artest gets booed ... in preseason games.

3. Jones on the NBA. Another in Nate Jones' greatest history series, this one focused on 1991-92. Includes the most frightening Karl Malone photo ever.

4. Forum Blue and Gold. Laker fans try to rationalize the ubiquitous Lamar Odom trade ideas.

5. New York Post, via TrueHoop. Eddy Curry on his ink: "I've got about 50 tattoos. I used to think I had more than anybody else in the league, but I think J.R. Smith has me beat. His tattoos have tattoos."

6. Free Darko. The Free Darko Every Game Preview moves through January 2009. (This is a self-link.)

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