More Knicks Tea Leaves: Patrick Ewing Jr. Hanging in the Shadows of the Garden

Let's just keeping piling up the scales of negotiation until something topples, OK? The latest sign of a Stephon Marbury exodus comes in the form of the spawn of a former Knicks great. Both Newsday and the New York Times report that Georgetown product Patrick Ewing Jr. has been hanging out at Madison Square Garden, working out in the general vicinity of the team but hiding (unsuccessfully, I suppose) from media and outsiders.

Why would P-Ew hide? He's not on the Knicks roster. The maximum allowable roster is 15, and Ewing was the last player cut during preseason. When most fringe players, including undrafted rookies like P-Ew, get cut, they sign a deal in Europe or join the D-League. They don't hang out as an unpaid gym rat.

So ... P-Ew's presence would indicate expectations from he and the Knicks that Ewing will be rejoining the team at some point, yes?

To make room for Ewing, the Knicks would either need to work a two-for-one trade or waive a current player. And of course, Starbury is Leading Candidate A for the waiver wire ... assuming a buy-out gets negotiated. Marbury and team prez Donnie Walsh met earlier this week, presumably to discuss such a matter. If it happens, Ewing's wait is justified.

But for the Knicks, isn't this either presuming Starbury will at some point take less than he's owed to go away, or admitting you'll pay him everything to go away eventually? I have a feeling Marbury will relent to a small discount equal to the salary he expects to make with another team this season, but feelings don't pay the bills. The Knicks have a clear strategy here. We're just not in on it.

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