Jamal Crawford Confronts Reporter Who Wrote a False Story About Him

A couple of days ago we let you know about the good times going on inside the locker room of the New York Knicks. Besides some supposedly grumpy players asking some reporters to move out of their space, there was an accusation made that Jamal Crawford wants Stephon Marbury out of town, and that he was calling the media's attention to some less than cordial behavior on Marbury's part.

According to Crawford, none of this ever happened, and he goes into great detail about how he confronted the person who wrote the story (Marc Berman of the NY Post) and even got an apology from him.

... our PR person goes and tells Berman that I want to talk to him. So when Berman's finished, he comes over and the first thing he does is apoligize.

I explain the situation to him and the same story from the locker room that night that I just told you guys and he says, "I was told that's what happened." I said, "So you didn't actually see it? This is just what you've been told. You've been around me four years, have I EVER did anything like throw a teammate under the bus?" He says "No," so then I said, "So why would I do it now? Why, when were trying to build team chemistry, do something like that?" He couldn't really answer me, so I said, "Well, now I'm going to have to write about you on my blog."

I encourage you to read Crawford's entire entry on the matter, because it's very lighthearted considering what a stir something like this could cause between himself and his teammates. Seems like he's learned exactly how to deal with the New York media after being in that atmosphere for a few years now, and he did so perfectly in this instance.

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