Bleacher Bums: Mets Fans Play Beer Cup Jenga on Drunk Fan's Head

Filed under: , , Okay, so this video is freaking looooong -- 9:45 to be exact. But anytime I see something presented by the Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentleman, my attention stands rapt for as long as need be. And with good reason.

As you will see over the course of the next few minutes, one unlucky New Yorker passed out in his seat at the Mets game on Saturday night. The rest of the freaking stadium basically joined in on cheering his neighbors as they stacked beer cups on top of his head.

I'd tell you that 4:30 there's a moment with a man and his son and I'd point out various stops in the video (7:20 or so with a reverse full cup stack is particularly amazing), but really you want to watch the whole thing. And now I know why I never want to move to New York. And yes, people do yell "Put that on YouTube!" and boo as the security guard takes him away.

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