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The Mets Want You to Believe

Comeback is the word of the offseason



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    The Mets released a video to help spur ticket sales for the 2010 season. Give them credit for one big thing: They aren't ignoring the elephant in the room. "We believe in comebacks" isn't a reference to Soundgarden getting back together.

    It would be fun to see some outtakes from the filming.

    "I believe Oliver Perez can throw strikes." 

    "I believe David Wright can hit the ball far enough to get it out of Citi Field."

    "I believe the Mets doctors went to medical school in the United States."

    "I believe Jeff Francoeur can sustain an on-base percentage above .300 for an entire season."

    We kid, we kid. It's a good video, with a nice allusion to "Ya Gotta Believe" for the older set. It's also hard to think about Mets and comebacks without thinking about Game Six in 1986. Those are nice memories and strong selling points which make it a job well done by the Mets. In the end, though, you have to figure that the Jason Bay signing and/or other personnel moves are going to do more than a catchy slogan when it comes to selling tickets.

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