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The Jets Can Make Rex Ryan's Boasts Come True This Weekend

The Bills do not match up well with the Jets



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    We've been over the historical issues that the Jets have when they play the Bills.

    We watched the Bills push the Patriots to the limit last Sunday, we know the perils of playing on the road and we're well aware that "Any Given Sunday" isn't just the title of an Oliver Stone movie that's better than the "Wall Street 2." And, while we're at it, we know all of the Jets' flaws and the concerns that they create when trying to figure out everything that could go wrong on Sunday afternoon.

    We know all of these things and we respect all of these things, yet there's nothing in the world that shakes us from our belief that the Jets should stomp the Bills for 60 minutes en route to a blowout victory this Sunday.

    The Bills are a bad football team. When they are at full strength, they can't stop the run and they can't stop the pass. It looks like they will be playing without three starters on Sunday which should make them legendarily bad in both phases of the game defensively. That should work well for a Jets team that has been on an offensive tear for the last six quarters and might even allow them a chance to work some disappointing players -- Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight -- into the mix for extended chances to change their fortunes.

    The Jets have their own injury issues on defense, of course, but that's not anything that should stand in their way on Sunday. They've stifled the run all three weeks and a continuation would force Ryan Fitzpatrick to beat them through the air. That seems possible, right up until the point that you consider how little the Bills offensive line will be able to do against the sustained and creative blitz package that the Jets figure to throw at them. The addition of Trevor Pryce and possible return of Calvin Pace might mean that the Jets come up with even more than we've seen in the first three games and that's yet another reason to expect a big Jets victory.

    Those are plenty of compelling reasons to think the Jets should roll on Sunday, but let's take things off the field for a moment. The Jets spent all offseason talking about how they are going to crush every team in their path, something that isn't easily accomplished most weeks in the supremely well-balanced NFL. This is a week where it is a possibility, however, and that should be enough to fight off any chance of falling into a trap game because you can send another version of the same statement Rex Ryan has been making since arriving in New York.

    Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City and is a contributor to and in addition to his duties for You can follow him on Twitter.

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