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Own a Piece of Giants Stadium



    Own a Piece of Giants Stadium
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    Who doesn't want a piece of history?

    Want a piece of Giants Stadium? You won't have to break out the power drill or chisel. But you will have to use your wallet.

    Everything from seats to pieces of turf to goal posts is being sold as the 34-year-old stadium nears demolition.

    Sure, the Giants went down in flames this year, but the Jets are in the divisional play-off game. And hey, who doesn't want to own a piece of history?

    The sale, which kicks off Friday, is being run by Steiner Sports, the company that also is selling memorabilia from the old Yankee Stadium.

    A pair of seats is priced at $499.99, while a piece of turf will go for $29.99. Proceeds will go to the corporation that's building the new Giants Jets Stadium and tearing down the old one.

    The Jets and Giants will play in the new $1.6 billion stadium next fall.

    Several former Jets and Giants attended a news conference Thursday announcing the sale, including Mark Gastineau, Joe Morris and O.J. Anderson.