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The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

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Olympic Hockey Medalists




    1920_Canada, United States, Czechoslovakia

    1924_Canada, United States, Britain

    1928_Canada, Sweden, Switzerland

    1932_Canada, United States, Germany

    1936_Britain, Canada, United States

    1948_Canada, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland

    1952_Canada, United States, Sweden

    1956_Soviet Union, United States, Canada

    1960_United States, Canada, Soviet Union

    1964_Soviet Union, Sweden, Czechoslovakia

    1968_Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Canada

    1972_Soviet Union, United States, Czechoslovakia

    1976_Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, West Germany

    1980_United States, Soviet Union, Sweden

    1984_Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Sweden

    1988_Soviet Union, Finland, Sweden

    1992_Unified Team, Canada, Czechoslovakia

    1994_Sweden, Canada, Finland

    1998_Czech Republic, Russia, Finland

    2002_Canada, United States, Russia

    2006_Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic

    2010_Canada, United States, Finland

    2014_Canada, Sweden, Finland

    2018_OA Russia, Germany, Canada


    1998_United States, Canada, Finland

    2002_Canada, United States, Sweden

    2006_Canada, Sweden, United States

    2010_Canada, United States, Finland

    2014_Canada, United States, Switzerland

    2018_United States, Canada, Finland