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The Giants: Then and Now



    The Giants: Then and Now
    Giants quarterback Eli Manning fumbles the ball as he is hit by Jaguars defensive tackle Roy Miller during the second half of Sunday's game.

    The 3-9 Giants have lost an NFL-high seven games in a row, with their last victory coming on Oct. 5 against Atlanta. A lot has happened in the interim, including two losses to the Cowboys and the largest comeback in Jaguars history, courtesy of the Giants last week.

    The temptation is to say that nothing good has happened during the Giants’ current skid, but don’t be tempted by lies. Plenty of good things have happened; just most of them have happened to other teams.

    To get a sense of how far we’ve come since Oct. 5 – as a people, as a nation, but most importantly as football fans – let’s play a little Then and Now.

    Then: The Giants were 3-2 and fans were hopeful of a successful season.
    Now: Fans are taking it out on their friends and family.

    Then: Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara had lost his virginity and was having a career year.
    Now: Amukamara is out for the season with an injury, presumably not caused by finding his virginity.

    Then: Odell Beckham Jr. played his first career game against the Falcons and also caught his first NFL touchdown pass after missing the first month due to injury.
    Now: Beckham hasn’t done anything memorable since.

    Then: Derek Jeter had barely been retired a week.
    Now: He runs a website where Tiger Woods defends his great sense of humor.

    Then: Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely by the NFL.
    Now: Desperate fantasy owners are adding him to their roster for the fantasy playoffs.

    Then: The best headline I’d read in 2014 was “Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow.”
    Now: Nothing has changed.

    Then: Victor Cruz was the team’s No. 1 wide receiver.
    Now: Cruz is among an NFL-high 20 Giants on injured reserve.

    Then: No one was talking about Eli Manning’s 2015 cap hit.
    Now: It’s frequently mentioned in the same sentence as Tom Coughlin’s 2015 job prospects.

    Then: Florida State was undefeated (5-0) and No. 1 in the Associated Press poll.
    Now: Florida State is undefeated (12-0) and No. 2 in the poll behind Alabama (11-1).

    Then: Yankee fans were looking forward to the team re-loading during free agency.
    Now: Yankee fans are looking forward to a team led by Alex Rodriguez.

    Then: Jason Pierre-Paul was the Giants’ best pass rusher.
    Now: The Giants’ best pass rusher (Robert Ayers) is on injured reserve.

    Then: Many people were touting the new West Coast offense implemented by new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo.
    Now: Hardly anyone is still talking about him as the successor to Tom Coughlin.

    Then: The Giants were about to win their third world title in five years.
    Now: When it comes to the New York Giants, we might as well be talking about baseball.

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