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King Wants to Cut Off Funding for Any Terror Trials in NYC

Legislation is introduced



    King Wants to Cut Off Funding for Any Terror Trials in NYC
    In November, after 8 years of waiting by the American public, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration announced the decision to try the 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-conspirators in Manhattan federal court, bringing out criticism from all sides.

    Trying alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his cronies in lower Manhattan is too dangerous, too disruptive and too expensive. Not only are New Yorkers saying it, but now Mayor Michael Bloomberg is, too.

    "It would be great if the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars, which using downtown will,” said Bloomberg. “It will impact traffic and commerce and people's life downtown. And it'd be great if we didn't do it."

    The mayor initially supported the Obama administration's decision to try the alleged terrorists near the World Trade Center site. But Bloomberg like other elected officials are speaking out and petitioning the dept of justice to move the trials elsewhere.

    Rep. Peter King says he’s introducing legislation to cut off any funding for trials in the United States.

    King's legislation already has backing from Republicans in the House and Senate. Some Democrats also say they want to keeps the terror trials out of lower Manhattan.

    "It's I believe the most irresponsible decision any pres or attorney general has ever made," said King.

    On Tuesday a Lower Manhattan community board voted unanimously to ask Attorney General Eric Holder to move the trials further away from the scene of the crime. 

    “We're asking the AG to look at Stewart the Nat'l Guard base," said community board member Julie Menin. "We're asking him to look at Westpoint and the federal bureau of prisons in Ottisville to determine feasible or not feasible."