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Corzine's Last Stand: Clemency to 14 People



    Corzine's Last Stand: Clemency to 14 People
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    New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has warned of dire financial shortfalls for the state.

    New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine spent his last few hours in office granting clemency to 14 people.

    Corzine agreed to parole a man convicted of a 1985 murder of a suspected drug dealer that some legal experts believe he did not commit.     
    In partially commuting Quincy Spruell's sentence, Corzine agreed to release the 43-year-old more than five years ahead of his 30-year sentence.
    Corzine said he took the action because there are serious doubts about the conviction.
    Corzine also lifted a lifetime ban on running for public office for former Newark Councilwoman Dana Rone. She was removed from office after she interfered with a traffic stop involving her nephew in 2006.
    Corzine issued 12 pardons for nonviolent offenses that were at least a decade old, including drug cases.