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Candidates for Public Advocate



    Candidates for Public Advocate
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    It's now cheaper to live in New York City than it was last year. Think that trend will continue?

    The city's public advocate position acts as a go-between, monitoring the public information and complaint programs of city agencies and investigating and trying to resolve complaints about city agencies. If the mayor is absent, the public advocate acts as the mayor and would serve as the mayor in case of a vacancy until a special election is held.

    The public advocate presides over city council meetings and can sponsor legislation. The public advocate earns an annual salary of $165,000. 

    Here are the candidates running for New York City Public Advocate:

    Bill de Blasio

    Maura DeLuca

    William J. Lee

    Jim Lesczynski

    Alex Zablocki

    The non-partisan video voter guide is a partnership between the voter assistance commission, WNBC, NYC-TV and the campaign finance board. Some candidate for public office declined to participate.  To see a transcript of the video voter guide in English and other languages, please go to  All translations will be be available by Sept. 1, 2009