Will the President Skip His High School Reunion?

Obama a likely no-show at Punahou School's 30th

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Once upon a time, Barack Obama was born on the far-flung island state of Hawaii, which manages to be very warm while Alaska is very cold even though they sit adjacent to each other in the lower left-hand corner of your average American map. Obama had an idyllic childhood in Hawaii, until his mom remarried and his family had to move to Indonesia.

Eventually Obama, perhaps seeing that in the not-too-distant future his madrassa attendance might cause some problems for his political career, went back to live with his grandparents in Hawaii where he attended the Punahou School and posed for many hilarious yearbook photos.

His 30th high school reunion is just around the corner, but he probably won't show up, on account of being famous and all. His former classmates are taking the bad news like champs, though, and like millions of Americans who threw parties with Obama cardboard figures on election and inauguration night, the Punahou class of '79 will probably just make do with a flat Barry. We get this scoop from the Honolulu Advertiser:

The deadline for responses to the four-day reunion is April 18, so President Obama still has about another month to reply.

"No, we haven't heard from him," said Obama classmate Kelli Furushima, who is a member of the reunion committee. "He has a lot on his plate. We'll forgive him for not coming."

So sad! The reunion will probably be more fun without the president, anyway. Nobody wants to see a bunch of Secret Service suits milling around and trying to blend in with a crowd full of people in grass skirts.

The professional hula dancer Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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