Outage Alert

Verizon Outage Affects Customers Nationwide

Some customers said on Twitter they were unable to make calls

Down Detector

A Verizon outage that affected wireless customers across the country overnight has been resolved, according to the company.

"Overnight some wireless customers experienced a dialing error when placing calls from their wireless phone to a long-distance landline number," spokesman Chris McCann said in an email Wednesday morning. "This issue was resolved at 6:30am ET. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Early Wednesday, Down Detector's outage map had been marked red in large cities across the East Coast and Midwest, along with parts of California.

Some customers said on Twitter they were unable to make calls.

“Why do I get an "all circuits are busy" message every time I make a call?" reported Twitter user @RavenCherokee. “I am up at 4am trying to talk to customer service to pay a utility bill and I cant because I have this issue with service! No numbers are working in my phonebook.”

In March, a widespread Verizon wireless network issue left many East Coast customers unable to send or receive text messages, before the issue was fixed several hours later.

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