Thursday Watch List: WRECKAGE!!!!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch at home while you compile your year-end best ofs lists. As with years before, my favorite TV show of 2010 was “The Robin Byrd Show.” And my favorite movie was Lethal Weapon 5. “You’re supposed to be… a noble people!” LET’S GO!

WRECK CHASERS – 8:00PM (TLC) This new TLC show takes a look at competing tow truck companies in Philly as they jockey to be the first responders to all manner of horrible, gruesome auto accidents. If you’ve ever waited nine years for a tow truck to show up, you know these companies can’t possibly be all that competitive. No matter. TLC is going full-bore with a marathon of this show all night long. You know how you get caught in a gawker’s block on the freeway and swear you’ll never slow down traffic by rubbernecking at an accident, then you pass the accident and you do it anyway? It’s like three hours of that. NICE! ANTICIPATION: TWISTED STEEL AND CURB APPEAL!

HOLIDAY BOWL – 10:00PM (ESPN) Nebraska plays Washington in the lower tier bowl game tonight, and I point that out only because the Holiday Bowl has an inexplicable history of being wildly entertaining. Someone always scores more than 30 points, usually by halftime. ANTICIPATION: HOLIDAY! CELEBRATE!

ZODIAC – 10:00PM (FX) Man, there is nothing on tonight. Why not sit back and relax and watch the movie I consider the best film of the previous decade? Sure, you’ll spend the rest of the night cowering under your bed with a rifle in your hand, but it’s worth it! ANTICIPATION: TERRIFYING!

BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 – 8:30PM (AMC) See the movie that trained a whole generation of young men to fully expect a future world filled with hoverboards and sports almanacs that predict the future and can reap untold sums in gambling money. I’m still waiting, Earth. ANTICIPATION: HOVERBOARD!

THE SMOKING GUN PRESENTS: WORLD’S DUMBEST CRIMINALS – 9:00PM (TruTV) Pretty sure “Dumbest Criminal” is a redundant term. ANTICIPATION: DUMB!

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