Shirtless Flag-Bearer, Track Suits Take Gold for Opening Ceremony Style

All 207 teams represented their countries as they marched across the Olympic stage

The opening ceremony in Rio Friday night gave countries an opportunity to show off their fashion digs. Some wore stylish outfits by big-name designers, like the United States (Ralph Lauren) and Great Britain (Stella McCartney). Others, like Senegal and Burundi, wore traditional garb.

And then there was Nigeria and Tonga.

The Nigerians waved to the Olympic crowd in their white and green track suits. According to Twitter chatter, the outfits they were supposed to wear never made it to Rio — they were still in Nigeria — so Nigeria's athletes had to make do with their warm-ups. 

They caught the internet's attention:

And Tonga's flag-bearer, Pita Taufatofua, wore even less.

Taufatofua, a taekwondo athlete, led his team across the stage with a wide grin, no shirt and lots of oil.

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