Charlie Sheen: “I'm Starting to Lose My Mind”

For all his talk of Adonis DNA, Sheen may be crying for help

It looks like there may be some cracks in Charlie Sheen's seemingly indomitable bravado.

Although he continues to bombard every camera he can find with declarations of war, boasts about his tiger blood-fueled virility, and scathing attacks on his co-workers, Sheen may finally be coming to grips with his apparent self-destruction.

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Sheen admits that his "winning" ways may not be as glorious as he makes them out to be.

"I'm really starting to lose my mind," Sheen tells Life & Style. "I'm ready to call anyone to help."

He then goes on to seemingly confirm what many have openly feared: That Sheen's manic antics may eventually lead to the actor taking his own life.

"I"m really trying to contain myself right now," he says. "My lawyer wants to come over to my house and take the bullets out of my gun."

He dropped the stunning admission even as he continues to project his manic bravado elsewhere-- appearing solo Tuesday night in his latest “Sheen’s Korner” rant online.

Once again, Sheen took aim at “Two and a Half Men” executive producer Chuck Lorre, whom he called “Chuck-E-Cheese ball” and a “little worm.”

Sheen also home in on top CBS honcho Les Moonves, Warner Bros. TV chief Peter Roth and Warner Bros. TV Group President Bruce Rosenblum, the "Today" show's Clicker blog reported

“Screw Les, I proclaimed, or better yet, screw more,” he said of Moonves. “You gave me your word so in turn, you gave me nothing.”

With the Life & Style interview viewed against the internet tirades and machete-wielding publicity stunts, Sheen appears to be of two decidedly different minds - both of them potentially destructive.

Other signs that Sheen's domestic bliss is possibly breaking down might also include the fact that one of his "goddesses" is facing down a drunk driving charge in Indiana court.

Rachel Oberlin aka porn star Bree Olson aka one of Sheen's two "goddesses" requested a jury trial for a February 3rd police report that claimed the 24 year-old smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on her feet after driving into a light pole, according to MSNBC.

Although Oberlin has been living with Sheen in Los Angeles, her home address is still listed as being in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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