Rebecca Hall and Guy Pearce Eyed as “Dancer” Partners

Rebecca Hall is poised to take the lead role in a new British thriller about a woman who turns informer against the IRA.

Hall will star in "Shadow Dancer" as Colette McVeigh, a pro-IRA lifer forced to become a stoolie after she's caught taking part in a bombing plot in London, reported Variety. The film is based on Tom Bradby's 2001 novel of the same. Here's the publisher's official synopsis:

Colette McVeigh: widow...mother...terrorist. A woman who has lived the Republican cause for all of her thirty-three years. A woman whose brothers are both heavily involved at a senior level in the IRA, whose husband was killed by the British security forces. A woman who is now an informer for MI5...

Gradually and unwillingly she is led to betray her past by her young MI5 handler, David Ryan, who has never doubted where his loyalties lie. But when he follows Colette across the Irish Sea to Belfast, the very tenets of his existence - trust, loyalty and honesty - are quickly sacrificed on the pyre of the province’s history. And, as he watches Colette put herself in increasing danger to fulfill her side of the bargain, he realizes that his professional integrity is irrevocably and fatally compromised...

Hall's enjoyed a nice run of late, giving a great performance in both "Please Give" and "The Town." She can next be seen opposite Will Ferrell in "Everything Must Go," based on the Raymond Carver short story of the same name, about a man who has a yard sale outside the home his wife has just kicked him out of.

Guy Pearce, last seen in the excellent Australian crime drama "Animal Kingdom," is set to play Ryan and the film is being directed by James Marsh, the man who gave us the magnificent documentary "Man on Wire," about Phillipe Petit, the guy who tightrope-walked between the Twin Towers. Marsh more recently helmed "Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980," which we found to be the weakest part of the trilogy.

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