Obama's Unmet State of the Union Goals

The State of the Union is a chance for presidents to lay out a vision for the country and push Congress to take action on their top priorities, NBC News reported.

And when President Barack Obama delivers his seventh and final State of the Union Tuesday night, he'll have a number of outstanding goals he may want to champion in his last year in office.

In a list of the biggest prioroties outlined by President Obama in past addresses, but has not been able to close on are: closing Guantanamo Bay, banning assault weapons, fighting ISIS, monthly meetings with Congressional leaders, tax reform, immigration reform, ending the Afghan War, clean energy bill and affordable higher education.

Banning assualt weapons is likely to be a topic during the speech tonight. The president is expected to make his final push for gun control reform, a week after he announced executive actions that would expand background checks and require almost all gun dealers to own a license. The issue was first mentioned in his 2013 State of the Union address, two months after the Newtown school shooting.

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