Now That “Dragon Tattoo” Is Cast, Let's Fret About Spider-Man's Girlfriend

Andrew Garfield is set to star as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, but what remains unknown is the identity of his girlfriend -- both the character and the actress. So who's in the running?

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Imogene Poots, star of Centurion and currently shooting the Fright Night remake, is among the actresses Heat Vision says have read for the role of Peter Parker's girlfriend in the upcoming Spider-Man.
Other actresses in the running are Ophelia Lovibond, who was very good as the girlfriend of another pop culture icon, John Lennon, in Nowhere Boy.
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Lily Collins, daughter of aging pop star Phil Collins, starred in The Blind Side and can be seen next year opposite Paul Bettany in Priest.
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Teresa Palmer played Jay Baruchel's love interest in Ther Sorcerer's Apprentice and can be seen next year in Kids in America.
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Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric and niece of Julia, co-starred with Lovibond in and will be seen in Scream 4.
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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World star Liz Winstead, who is currently filming The Thing was under consideration, but has dropped out of contention.
Whoever the lucky winner, she'll star opposite Andrew Garfield, star of the upcoming facebook The Social Network. What's unknown is who the character is -- it's been revealed that it won't be Mary Jane, but the scripts actresses have been reading have no name on them.
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