Daniel Radcliffe Wealthier Than The Royal Family

Expecto millions!

Harry Potter is Richer Than Prince Harry. Well, at least Daniel Radcliffe is, the now 21-year-old actor who plays the boy wizard in Warner Brother’s wildly successful adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s series.

The Economic Times reports that Radcliffe has doubled his net worth in the past year, making him richer even than the Queen Elizabeth II. According to the Economic Times, he has around $30 million in investments, $10 million due from films he’s starred in, and another $5 million just sitting around in Gringott—er, the bank. In the books, Harry has a small fortune left to him by his parents, but nothing close to this.

Radcliffe, however, has a ways to go before he catches up with J.K. Rowling, whose net worth is somewhere around $1 billion, according to Celebrity Networth.

No word yet if Radcliffe will try to exchange any of his millions of pounds for galleons, or if he needs a dragon or some goblins to guard all that wealth.

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