Cybercriminals Using Olympians to Crash Your Computer

McAfee i.d.'s top ten Olympians whose names carry risk when searched


Cybercriminals pay attention to what's going on and attaching viruses to the names of the most popular Olympians is the latest the trick they are using to attack web surfers.

Internet security firm McAfee has identified the top ten Winter Olympic athletes whose names carry a significant risk of being attacked by viruses, spyware or harmful software when searched online.

"The Olympics presents the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals who know people around the world will be searching for stats and images of their favorite athletes,” Shane Keats, Research Analyst at McAfee, told Woman's Day. “With billions of people cheering on their countries’ Olympians via the internet, hackers and other criminals attempt to penetrate their computer systems with spyware, viruses, spam and other dangerous software disguised under famous athletes.”

Here's a list of the top ten "Most Dangerous Olympians" according to McAfee:

1. Jennifer Rodriguez, female, USA, Speed Skating

2. Sayuri Osuga, female, Japan, Speed Skating

3. Alexander Smirnov, male, Russia, Figure Skating

4. Peter Fill, male, Italy, Alpine Skiing

5. Sasha Cohen, female, USA, Figure Skating

6. Gillian Apps, female, Canada, Ice Hockey

7. Jack Johnson, male, USA, Ice Hockey

8. Anni Friesinger, female, Germany, Speed Skating

9. Angelina Jensen, female, Denmark, Curling

10. Ben Agosto, male, USA, Figure Skating

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