Mila Kunis's Marine Date: “I Always Thought I Had a Chance”

According to Marine Sgt. Scott Moore, everything went as planned: Film a YouTube video, make sure Justin Timberlake sees it, score date with Mila Kunis.

"JT and I had this all planned from the start," Moore joked in an interview with People. "He's been a great wingman."

The truth of the matter is that Moore, who is stationed in Afghanistan, decided to ask "Friends with Benefits" star Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball via YouTube on a dare from fellow soldiers.

I always thought I had a chance, and sometimes that’s all you need," he says. "We all talk about what we are going to do when we get back, and this was my dream."

The video caught the eye of Kunis' "Benefits" co-star Timberlake, who urged the actress to accept while the pair were doing press for their new comedy.

"Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? You need to do it for your country," said Timberlake, who actively calls for fans to support veterans via his Twitter page.

Kunis' response? "I'll go. I'll do it for you." 

Moore is eternally grateful to the actor and musician for the push on his behalf, but admits he was worried he and Timberlake kind of created an awkward situation for the actress. 

"I do feel bad for putting her on the spot," says Moore. "But it's not like I was going to bump into her on the streets of Musa Qal'eh between now and the ball."

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