Massage Therapist Gets 10 Years for Attempted Sexual Assault During Massage

A Texas man is headed to prison for the attempted sexual assault, the incident while he was a massage therapist. A Collin County jury found Ali Alavian, 65, guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to the maximum 10 years in prison.

"This man violated four different women on his massage table, which should have been a place of safety, rest, and rejuvenation. Instead, this predator turned his massage table into his own personal playground," said Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

Evidence presented during trial showed that in January 2014, a woman booked a massage with Alavian in the Collin County portion of Dallas --  she had a massage with him in December 2013 and rebooked because the first massage was professional in nature, but her second experience was completely different.

The victim told the jury that at the end of the massage, Alavian had her turn over onto her back and allowed the sheet to expose her body. The woman said he then groped, molested and attempted to sexually assault her. The victim told jurors she was afraid Alavian would become violent if she screamed or fought back. Before she left, she said Alavian tried to kiss her and give her his phone number so that she could book a private massage off the books.

The victim reported the traumatic experience to Dallas police and while investigating, the detective said he found similar complaints by other women.

During the punishment phase, three other women testified about inappropriate massages given by Alavian. In each case, the victims said he would see how much he could get away with sexually before they complained or reacted. They all indicated they did not react at first because they were frozen in shock and disbelief.

During a police interview, Alavian told detectives he believed his massage room was similar to Vegas -- in that what happened in there, stayed in there.

The Collin County District's Attorney's Office immediately reported Alavian's conviction to the Texas Department of State Health Services which regulates massage licenses.

It was not immediately clear who Alavian's lawyer is.

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