WATCH: Seth Meyers Edits Justin Bieber's Viral Deposition Video for Laughs

The late-night host showed a doctored clip of Bieber being asked ridiculous questions.

Seth Meyers edited the recently leaked video of Justin Bieber's deposition for some laughs on "Late Night."

The leaked video shows excerpts from the pop star's deposition in a lawsuit regarding a photographer who says he was hurt and threatened by one of Bieber's bodyguards. Bieber has been criticized over the the video, which was obtained by TMZ. The gossip site's selectively released clips showed the pop star acting defiant and at times dismissive. Bieber has so far not commented on the video.

"A lot of people have criticized Justin for the way he behaved in the video," Meyers said. "Well we here at 'Late Night' were able to get our hands on the original unedited tape, and we noticed some differences that, sort of, forgives in our mind, Justin's behavior."

A doctored clip of a person supposedly talking with Bieber about matters related to the legal case followed.

"How do you pronounce your name, Jason Bluber? Do you mind if I keep saying that to you anyway?" the person asked.

The person then told Bieber to "smile and wink for the record, please."

More odd questions followed.

"Do you think dogs get embarrassed and are you too cute for rules?"

"Can you look into the camera and pop your collar?"

"Do you remember who the guy was in "Home Improvement" behind the fence? I'm sorry, I'm stupid."

At one point during the real leaked video, Bieber looks into the camera and says, "I was found on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career." He had intended to say instrumental.

"Did you mean something else? I couldn't tell cause I was looking at your eyelashes and trying to think if they were real or fake," the person says on the fake "Late Night" clip. "No way that a human boy could have those eyelashes, Legally they must be fake. And did you mean, instrumental, instead of detrimental?" 

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