Howard Stern Tweets During Broadcast of “Private Parts”

It’s not often that you hear a star Tweet commentaries while his movie is being played.

That is what radio personality and “King of All Media” Howard Stern did yesterday afternoon when HBO broadcasted his movie “Private Parts,” E! Online reported. During that time, Stern reminisced about the making of Private Parts through his Tweets, to the delight of his fans.

For one scene, he spoke about trying to cry in a scene with actress Mary McCormack, who played Stern’s then-wife Allison. “In this scene Mary was crying and I wanted to be able to do that.[Director] Betty Thomas gave me something to put in my eye and make me cry.”

He also offered some off-screen anecdotes: “Mary went on the street in her pregnant costume and smoked a cig to mess with peoples heads. Preg lady smoking. She got dirty looks."

He also referenced David Letterman, who played himself in the movie: “We couldn't get the rights to Dave's show and Dave did me the favor of shooting this with me.”

Stern also had kind words for Australian rock band AC/DC who were in the film (“Shooting with AC/DC...they stayed all day and never complained or asked for a thing. They are a class act), as well as for Mia Farrow (“What an honor to work on the same set as mia farrow. she was great and we ended up having a really great conversation.) He even acknowledged to a Twitter user that a pre-Sopranos Edie Falco was in Private Parts as the person in the backseat

One Twitterer, burtmania, asked Stern what it was like working with actor Paul Giammati in one of his earliest roles. “Giamatti was brilliant,” wrote Stern. “Made it all so easy.” Another Twitterer, Hans399 asked Stern what it was like to see himself in a movie about his life, to which the latter responded. “Mixed emotions. loved making this movie.W4 bad memories.”’

Stern concluded his Twittering with these words: “Well that's it for our movie of the day. Thanks for joining in. Have a great night.”

Fans were thrilled by Stern’s act on Twitter. Walkman71 wrote: "That was the best ever. I finally found a reason to have twitter account, its called HOWARD STERN!" (Stern has 245,578 followers as of yesterday).

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